Smokin’ Pop Skyway (Open Shop Friday)

Guess what it’s time for!

It’s time for a gibberish question?

No, wait, wrong game. We’re playing You Don’t Know Hack, and that means it’s time for another Open Shop Friday!

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to check out i3 and following @i3detroit isn’t convenient, Open Shop Friday is for you. If you have a project you’ve been meaning to work on, bring it along! If you have a friend who’s into DIY stuff, drag ’em in. From sewing to welding, you can do it here.

Exposure warning: Bad jokes and 90s video game references are occasionally found in near-lethal quantities, visitors are advised to take whatever measures they feel necessary.

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  1. nbezanson says:

    Whenever someone gets there and throws the Twitter switch. Almost certainly by 7. Likely by 6. It’s not like we’re gonna fire someone for failing to open the store on time, so it happens when it happens. 😉

  2. karatsin says:

    Can you guys post when the shop will be open like…a day ahead of time? I’ve been meaning to check it out but always miss it by a day!

  3. nbezanson says:

    Thank you for volunteering! Please join as a member, and when you think you’ll be around for an evening, post to the blog a day in advance.

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