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Our Friend Bilal from The Two Hands Project is heading out for a month to film the hackerspaces of America to put together a documentary film. Bilal has been working hard to pull together a team and the funds for the project. The goal is to use Jet Blues $599.00 promotion to travel to all the different spaces. The promotion ends tonight at 10:00 P.M ET and he still needs to raise $300. Let’s Help Bilal by retweeting this to everyone that we know. If you can help by donating, twittering, emailing etc… to spread the word and to help get donations he would greatly appreciate it. Every Dollar donated counts and time is running out!

Here is more information about the project from the website:

We will be documenting the projects they make, and recording the change inducing social movement that’s spreading across the USA. Maker/Hackerspaces come in all sorts of packages and flavors, each with it’s own quirks. Let’s figure out how they tick, what goes on in them, why they are important for the philosophical and economical reasons. And perhaps through this movie inspire people to start their own space, or at least build something awesome.

You can follow Bilal and The Two Hands Project for further updates and information.

Here are a few things Bilal is offering for donations:

  1. A 50 Dollar sponsor gets a Two Hands t-shirt and a mention in the credits
  2. 100 Dollar sponsor gets a shirt and a link from the sponsors page
  3. 150 Dollars gives you a logo on the sponsors page along with the above
  4. 300 Dollar sponsor gets the above and your logo printed on the back of the sponsored shirt
  5. 600+ will put you into the magical realm of being a producer logo at the start of the movie along with the above, and a special hug/backscratch from me.

To Donate go Here

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