Tabletop gaming, first and third Thursdays, 7pm

Table top gaming tonight, stop on by enjoy some games with our game master Matt.
Next time, when we’re not all busy trying to figure out the best game app to make money, we’ll get Matt to write this so you can know what to expect.  But whats the fun in that, stop on by and join in.

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  1. John Jamieson says:

    Hello i3Detroit!

    I was introduced to your group by my nephew and decided to look you up. (I hope to visit soon). To my surprise, you have a tabletop gaming group!

    I’d like to introduce you to Metro Detroit Gamers (MDG) and what we bring to the community. For more than 30 years (since 1972), MDG has proudly run gaming conventions here in the Motor City. We have held conventions in numerous places, including for a short period in Cobo Hall.

    Our two yearly conventions, WinterCon and MichiCon feature boardgames, card games, wargaming with metal, plastic and paper minis, roleplaying games (such as Dungeons & Dragons), train games, and more. We usually have more than 150 attendees at our events, which is a great opportunity to try games you have never played. Currently, conventions are held at Oakland University.

    Our WordPress and Yahoo Groups sites are open for gamers to post comments, connect with each other, and post game events of their own. It also features links to hobby shops and other gaming resources.

    We’d love to hear from you! I personally, would like to drop by some time and run a few sessions of a roleplaying game called “Savage Worlds,” which is a genetic system capable of running games in nearly any genre.

    Please feel free to connect with myself or join us on the MDG sites.


    John Jamieson
    MDG General Advisor and former Director of Roleplaying Gamers

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