Meet the Members: Dustin White

When did you join i3 Detroit:
I joined i3 august of 2010
I have worked on:
  • Tiny brass cannon
  • 2011 Powerwheels trophy
  • Rocking chair rebuild
  • 2x ammo box radios
  • most of the work benches in the space
  • micro forge
  • stilts
  • solder fume extractor
  • vinylism of the shop
  • rolling tool cabinet
  • about 100 other things that don’t come to mind at the moment.
What is your next project:
building a 50’s retro futuristic ray gun.
What is your best i3 memory:
there are so many of them.  Almost all of my memories at i3 are good ones, hanging out and collaborating with like minded friends.