Upcoming events at i3 Detroit: Gaming, Programming, Feast Your Eyes, Arduino…

Have you looked at that Google Calendar sidebar lately? It’s packed! Here’s a rundown of the next few days:

Thursday 1/5: Tabletop gaming. If games like Settlers and Dominion are your cup of tea, pull up a chair and dive in!

Friday 1/6: Programming class, second session. Registration filled right up, but this will be repeated, so if you want to learn Python, stay tuned.

Saturday 1/7: Book release party! How often do you hear about a hackerspace hosting such a thing? Circus performers, sooo excited! Public most welcome.

Sunday 1/8: Programming class, third session.

Thursday 1/12: Arduino meetup. Open to newbies and experienced users alike, bring toys! SWiT’s gonna be showing off a few projects this month.


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