Welding Techniques 101 – OCT 9

By Photo Dudes (Flickr)

Sparks, Fire, and Current! The class everyone has been waiting for: Welding.  Bring out the  torches, slap down some hot metal, spark it up and let’s weld!

On October 9th at 2pm we will be hosting our first hands-on welding workshop.

Our host has over 20 years of experience in fabrication, working on everything from automobile conveyors, to platforms, to tanks.

Class Safety
Welders should wear work or shop clothes without openings or gaps, to prevent arc light from reaching the skin.  In fact, those even working close to arc welding should also wear protective clothing.  Clothing should always be kept dry, including gloves.  The clothing should also be 100% cotton.  Some of the welding will produce strong IR/UV rays which will cause a nasty sunburn.  You’ve been warned.

Reservations required
Seats are limited as we only have 6 helmets available to use, if you bring your own helmet we can make room for more. This will fill up fast, so go reserve your seat right now!

We have helmets but only a few. You cannot attend without a helmet!

This class is free to the public, though a small donation to help cover our costs is always appreciated.

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  1. Drew says:

    The guy in the photo does not seem to be wearing adequate protection for welding.

  2. Nate_LapT says:

    That is cause he is actually using a torch. Sorry for the confusion. Torches will be covered also during the class.

  3. Anne B says:

    Do you have any upcoming classes in early 2012? Do you teach private welding lessons? I want to give my husband welding lessons for Xmas.

  4. Nate_LapT says:

    I’ve been throwing around the idea of another welding class for short bit now. Our previous instructor has been a bit busy with life, and I’m not sure of any other instructors at the moment. I’ll shoot an email out to the group and see if anyone is willing to teach in early January.

    Please join our mailing list, or shoot a request to contact@i3detroit.com for class requests, I almost didn’t see this reply.

  5. Lisa Wright says:

    I’m on my last class for sculpture welding at OCC. I live in Ferndale and would like to ask about workshop availiblity and what not. thank you

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