Welding Class Triple Post. Spring 2015.

Hey everybody,

Our amazing Welding Zone Warden, Jody, is hosting a bunch of classes this upcoming week! Check out the info below!

Intro to Welding This class is going to be a very basic level class covering what welding is, how to do it safely, and the science behind it.

We’ll be using an upper level hobby MIG machine, which the students will have a chance to set up and use in a hands on demo.

Safety gear is available, but attendees will need to wear appropriate clothing, especially pants (cotton jeans/pants with no loose threads or tears) and shoes (closed toe, no mesh or flamable bits)

A $10 materials fee is required, and a $35 donation is recommended for those who can afford it.

When: March 31st, 2015. 6-9 PM.

Intermediate Welding Atendees agree that they already have a basic familiarity with the welding process, especially some form of MIG welding.

We’re going to be talking about TIG, troubleshooting MIG issues, and generally covering intermediate to advanced welding concepts. If nobody brings questions, we might work on a project for the zone.

Class requires a minimum of $10 to cover basic materials. A donation of $35 is recommended for those who can afford it.

Class is limited to 4 attendees.

Safety gear is available. Wear appropriate footwear/clothing.

When: April 1st, 2015. 6-9 PM.

Oxy/Acetylene, Plasma cutting, and Art ideas

The author of this post isn’t sure of a description for this class, but it is sure to be awesome!

When: March 28th, 2015. 5-8 PM.

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