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Stratasys FDM 1650 3-D Printer

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Brian Wennberg (100%)
  • Location: West wall, you can't miss it.
  • What it looks like:
alt text

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Stratsys FDM 1650
  • Part Number: 1650


not specified



Online manuals for an FDM 2000 which is very similar model:


Authorized Users and Trainers

No equipment access set up. See User:pajamapuma or Equipment Access Project for help.

Other References

Blog by a gentleman who took one apart and got it working again: My FDM 1650 Blog

Instructions for how to use it from Ball State University: Lab Procedure

Blog entry about finding more material at a reasonable price (not): Material Madness

Equipment page (like ours) from the London Hackerspace wiki: Equipment:Stratasys_FDM_1650


        • Preliminary

Z-stage Lubrication

   Should be done monthly

Cable Lubrication

   Should be done monthly

FDM Modeler Calibration

   Should be done often - recommended minimum of once a week

Things that Need to be Done

  • Bring in rack mount computer to run the machine.
  • Find a source for consumables.
  • Determine what the materials costs are.
  • Write up maintenance procedures.
  • Write up procedures for use.


A list of commonly asked questions