AB's Laser Cutter

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This is the main page for the big red laser cutter.

General Info

  • The laser cutter is owned by member Abi Garcia
  • It is a 100 Watt CO2 laser

How to Use the Laser Cutter

Approved and Banned Materials

The laser cutter can cut or etch a wide variety of materials.  However some are not possible to cut with our current set-up, and other materials release fumes that damage humans or the laser cutter itself.

The laser can only etch some materials; it will not be able to cut through them.  See the approved materials list for more.

The key thing is not to try to cut:

  1. Any metals
  2. Any materials that contain glue (such as plywood)
  3. Any plastics or other materials that contain chlorine

Approved Materials List

Material Cut? Etch? Power Speed
Natural wood (not plywood or particle board) Yes Yes
Acrylic Yes Yes
Coated Metals
Matte Board

Banned Materials List

Do NOT try to cut or etch any of the following materials!  You will be liable for any damages on the machine if you do.

Cutting Parts on the Laser Cutter