Badger Universal Model 360 Airbrush

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Badger Universal Model 360 Airbrush
Fuzzy view of the contents of the box labeled 'Airbrush'.
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Name Badger Universal Model 360 Airbrush
Zone Craft Room
Owner Unknown Owner
Make Model Model 360.
Part Number Unknown.
Date Acquired
Storage Location Craft room, shelf in NW corner.
Authorization Required
Documentation No documentation links inserted yet.
Other References No external references inserted yet.


Stub page for the airbrush in the craft room.


No known rules for use.


No known instructions for use.

Maintenance Info

No known maintenance info...except for the standard rule of acrylic paint: Never, never, never let paint dry in the brush after use. It ruins standard brushes, and I'm guessing it would ruin an airbrush, especially if there are any moving or adjustable parts which come in direct contact with paint.


A list of commonly asked questions


I need to take more photos and post them along with a link or two to some sort of airbrush how-to. I've never used one myself, so until I've accessed that content and played around with the airbrush, this page will remain a stub.