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Adjourned: 9:46pm
Adjourned: 9:46pm
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Meeting started: June 14th, 2011, 7:59pm



  • in progress, large machinery, tree has disappered details will be forthcoming


  • Ross has handed out a floorplan
  • small storage creation
  • dividers for medium storage

Space next door:

  • Get a quote from John on upgrading the electrical pannel up to code in the case of splitting the meter.
  • Significant costs to moving to the new space
  • Getting marketing campagin setup on kickstarter for "expansion capital"
    • Wishlist: Janitor, Auto work, classroom


  • program is adopoted
  • 1 - 10 members in good standing
  • we need the offical number from paul on the number of paying members
  • should annouced and be open before MF, deadline August, Sept we annouce who gets them

Membership Processing:

  • It's up to Ed to solve this issue with CRM, CRM will become the only sign up form
  • Only members who have access to add new members via CRM can issue keys
  • Publish the list of those who can add new members
  • Nate and Eric will work on the door for improvements
  • Change the master password

GHI sponsorship

  • meeting tomorrow

Adjourned: 9:46pm