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(Topics and Proposals Go Here)
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* Evan Allen - Make sure we have paid rent
* Evan Allen - Make sure we have paid rent
==Topics and Proposals Go Here==
==Topics and Proposals==
==Large Project Storage==
==Large Project Storage==

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Chair Justin Triplett


Action Item Review

  • Dave Scholl - Come up with a proposal for how donations in zone boxes are reflected in the budget
  • Justin Triplett - Make a financial and a membership report
  • Evan Allen - Take care of billing B. Nectar for the electric bill
  • Justin Triplett - Get scanning on the Mac set up to send i3 official documents to the Bit-Torrent sync
  • Evan Allen - Make sure we have paid rent

Topics and Proposals

Large Project Storage

Point of Contact: Justin Triplett

  • Concern over the loss of large project storage was bought up by Terry W. at the previous meeting. I expect it to be discussed again, specifically because Terry has a proposal that he also previously presented.

Action Items


  • Justin Triplett