Board Meeting Minutes 20140311

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Chair Justin Triplett


Action Item Review

  • Dave Scholl - Come up with a proposal for how donations in zone boxes are reflected in the budget
  • Justin Triplett - Make a financial and a membership report
  • Evan Allen - Take care of billing B. Nectar for the electric bill
  • Justin Triplett - Get scanning on the Mac set up to send i3 official documents to the Bit-Torrent sync
  • Evan Allen - Make sure we have paid rent

Topics and Proposals

Large Project Storage

Point of Contact: Justin Triplett

  • Concern over the loss of large project storage was bought up by Terry W. at the previous meeting. I expect it to be discussed again, specifically because Terry has a proposal that he also previously presented.

Proposal for Large Project Area, East Wall Zone Shuffle and 3' Expansion of Kiln Zone. Terry W

  • Talked to all Wardens along East Wall and John Sugg (Vaccuuform) by email.
  • Proposal is for Large Project Area to be an area from the West edge of the Welding, Plasma, Kiln, Forklift, and Injection zones to a line 18' from the East Wall. We have marked the 18' line for inspection at the meeting.
  • The effected wardens would require only Projects be in that area (not furniture or other Group materiel), and Projects be able to be moved (either by having wheels or being on a pallet) so that zone access is not permanently blocked.
  • In addition, the East Wall Wardens will be making a proposal to the Board separately to shuffle the plasma cutter into the CNC Zone and slide all zones down.


  • Furniture (big white wall, bBQ, trash cans, etc. Will need to be relocated into the commons area or disposed. Reorganization of the common furniture is not within the scope of this proposal
  • Large Project Area would be marked by Yellow Tape during Potlock

Proposal Shuffle East Wall Zones and Expand Kiln Zone from 5' to 8' width

Point of Contact: Terry W

The East Wall Wardens propose the Board change the floor plan allowing:

  • to shuffle the plasma cutter into the CNC Zone and slide all zones down. This moves the Plasma Cutter at the Request of CNC Warden Brian W.
  • to slide all the other zones to the South along the wall after the Plasma Cutter is moved to the CNC Zone.
  • To expand the Kiln Zone width from 5' to 8' to accommodate Ceramics use at the request of Kiln Zone Warden Terry W.
  • The expanded Kiln Zone will house the Vacuuform, which is currently in the space with the Plasma Cutter.
  • This will all be done at Potlock. Cost $150 from Potlock funds.

Action Items


  • Justin Triplett