Board Meeting Minutes 20140513

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Chair Marie-Therese Enga


Action Item Review

  • Dave Scholl - Come up with a proposal for how donations in zone boxes are reflected in the budget
  • Brian W. - Change wiki to reflect that CNC Plasma Cutter is now in the CNC Zone
  • Jody R. - Find out about getting a cash account with Airgas
  • Full copy of the Lease?

Officer and Committee Reports

If you are an officer and are at this meeting, please give a short summary on activities in the last month.

New Business

  • Chairman Appointment
  • Presidency handoff - Matt O.
  • Committee Review (What ones do we already have and how will we use them)
  • Wiki Access and Digital Permissions
  • Seeking Legal Advice
  • April Budget Report
  • Budget 2.0 Proposal
  • Kiln Zone Budget Amendment

Meeting Metrics

  • Time completed:
  • Funds appropriated:
  • Attendees:


  • Marie-Therese Enga