Officers and Board of Directors

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Officers and Board of Directors
Real Name The Board
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Common Area, Graveyard Warden

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Bringing Proposals to the Board

The Board of Directors is happy to discuss any issue or concern that is appropriate for its consideration. In the interest of efficiency and equity, please consider the following guidelines:

- If you have a concern, consider getting together with a few other members to develop a proposal that remedies the situation. Having the discussion outside of formal meetings helps ensure that the various points of view are considered in the final proposal and makes it much more likely that your proposal would be adopted. It also saves precious time at meetings for other issues that may be just as important.

- Please be considerate of the number of people x duration. E.g., if there are 20 people at a meeting, then every minute of the meeting is 20 minutes of peoples' time spent. Being prepared to explain your proposal in a concise and logical form makes it more likely that there will be time to discuss and act on it.

Officers and Board 2014-2015


President : Konrad Brown

CEO : Brian McPherson

Vice-President : Charlie Rysenga

Treasurer : Terry Wynn

Secretary : Jamie Burdeski

Membership Coordinator : Maxwell Skelly Gonyea-Alexander

Board of Directors

Comments: Devon Truscott resigned Oct 2014, W. Scott Richardson resigned Dec 2014, Matt Arnold appointed Dec 2014, Matt Gardeski appointed Dec 2014

Officers and Board 2013-2014


President : Matt Oehrlein , Konrad Brown

CEO : Justin Triplett

Vice-President : Madalyn Winans

Treasurer : Mark Miles , Evan Allen

Secretary : Konrad Brown , Jamie Burdeski

Membership Coordinator : Maxwell Skelly Gonyea-Alexander

Board of Directors

Comments: Matt Oehrlein resigned as President May 2014, Konrad Brown appointed as president May 2014, Mark Miles resigned Treasurer Jan 2014, Evan Allen appointed Treasurer Jan 2014, Konrad Brown, resigned Secretary June 2014, Jamie Burdeski appointed Secretary June 2014, Ed Platt resigned Board June 2014

Officers and Board 2012-2013


President : Karen Corbeil , Matt Oehrlein

CEO : Dustin White

Vice-President : Ted Hansen

Treasurer : Adrienne Patterson

Secretary : Maddy Winans

Board of Directors

Comments: Karen Corbeil resigned as President Feb 2013, Matt Oehrlein appointed President Feb 2013

Officers and Board 2011-2012


President : Matt Oehrlein

CEO : Eric Merrill

Vice-President : Nate Bezanson

Treasurer : Ed Platt , Paul Kerchen , Kristine Diven

Secretary : Hans Chen

Board of Directors

Comments: Ed Platt resigned as Treasurer Dec 2011, Paul Kerchen appointed Treasurer Dec 2011, Paul Kerchen resigned as Treasurer Feb 2012, Kristine Diven appointed Treasurer Feb 2012, Ed Platt resigned from Board Dec 2011

Officers and Board 2010-2011


President : Ross Smith

Vice-President : Eric Merrill

Treasurer : Paul Kerchen

Secretary : Brad McMahon

Board of Directors

Comments: Assistant Treasurer: Ed Platt

Officers and Board 2009-2010


President : Russ Wolfe

Vice-President : Ted Hansen

Treasurer : Ed Platt

Secretary : Matt Switlik

Board of Directors