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(Temporary page for Bob Ross class. Class is 30 March 2013.)
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= Bob Ross Painting Class =
== Schedules, Notes, Other Materials ==
== Schedules, Notes, Other Materials ==
=== 10 March 2013 ===
=== 10 March 2013 ===

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Schedules, Notes, Other Materials

10 March 2013

We're doing a Bob Ross painting class!

Will be held: Saturday, 30 March 2013 2-4:30 PM (14-16.30 EST)

Yelp Link: [1]

Eventbrite Link: [2]

Class notes from the Yelp class event: Material fees are $20 and you will get to go home with a painting made by you! Impress your future dinner party guests with your first landscape realism work. If you have a favorite brush or a collection of brushes, feel free to bring them. Wear clothes you are comfortable getting paint on!