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There are two of these. This one is named Bumblebee. It is identical to Wolverine, except that whereas Bumblebee is yellow and black, Wolverine is yellow and very dark navy blue.

i3Detroit asks that users donate $10 per hour that the beam is active.

Laser Cutter - Bumblebee
alt text
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Name Bumblebee
Owner Group-owned, purchased with funds collected from far and wide.
Make Model Jinan G. Weike / WKLaser LC1280
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location West wall, you can't miss it.
Authorization Required
Other References A lot of materials can be cut up to about 3/16 of an inch. makes wonderful box patterns that you can put into the laser cutter.



Put the rules that govern the use of this tool here.

  • Who is allowed to use it?
  • Is there any traning required before use?


Time-of-cut checklist:

  1. Place material (square to edge of honeycomb).
  2. Cover inactive honeycomb area except an "intake" in front of the material. This directs smoke away from the gantry. <- This was easier with AB's Laser Cutter because it pulled air downward, but Bumblebee does not.
  3. Turn on main switch. This should bring up the chiller and air-assist pump.
  4. Gently pinch rubber hose from laser to chiller, to trigger chiller alarm, verifying that it's awake.
  5. Turn keyswitch to on, and wait for boot and home to complete.
  6. With the D-pad, jog head over to start of cut.
  7. Press "Z" to enter the mode to raise or lower the bed. Press "Datum" to auto-focus. Press "Z" again to exit Z mode.
  8. Wave hand under head and verify that air-assist is blowing. (Compressor is a separate machine and must be plugged in.)
  9. Download design from LaserCut software.
  10. Keep one hand over emergency-stop while using the "Test" button to check boundaries.
  11. Turn on the exhaust fan.
  12. Lift the fire extinguisher and set it back down. This verifies that your muscle-memory knows where it is.
  13. Press "Start".
  14. DO NOT WALK AWAY. See for why.

Maintenance Info

Does this thing need its oil changed every 30 cycles? People need to know!


A list of commonly asked questions


Payment box.
Greg Smith said he is making this.
Laptop desk.
Dustin White said he has one to donate.
New cylinders to hold different lenses, make it easy and safe to change them without smudging or damage. Sector67 has indicated they may make some of these. (The existing cylinder has too narrow an opening for the lens that gives a long focal length. Its beam is so wide that it hits the lip and heats up the cylinder.)
Payment-measuring timer.
One way to do this would be to measure current to the machine and time how long it runs at laser-firing power. It would be good to put a button on the timer that would re-set it to zero.
Aperture in the chassis, through which to thread the blue USB cable with a grommet.
Currently to access the cable, the side door must be opened with a key.