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The CRM is i3Detroit membership directory. You can find names and emails for members, check dues status, pay your dues, assign and retrieve mentorship information etc. It runs SeltzerCRM software

Our instance can be found at

If you are haveing problems logging in, post for help on the i3 Google Group.

If you need to change your information, you should be able to do so by logging in to your page in the CRM, or else you'll need to contact a board member and request the change.

List of requested upgrades from the treasurer (primary user of the CRM): Membership Database App Upgrade

CRM Issues List
Issue# Author Title Full Description GitHub# Status Priority Assignee Assignee Notes
1 myself Check whether (any/all) members are on various Google Groups Being able to confirm this within Seltzer would save us a ton of time, also, being able to remove someone from the Groups when their membership ends would be nice.

2 myself Key sanity audit reports I love that seltzer allows an individual user to have multiple keys, but the loose association between users and keys makes discrepancies less obvious. I would like to have reports which tell me:

Members who have multiple active keys.

Members in good standing who have zero active keys.

Members in good standing who have zero key records of any kind (active, expired, not active yet).

Keys not associated with a member. (Is that even possible? I hope not!)

Lapsed members (not in good standing) whose keys don't have an end-date recorded. Or whose end-date is not in the past.

3 myself when using Edit on a member record, boxes not prefilled with current data when going to edit a member record, the text boxes come up blank rather than having the current field data prefilled into them. 351
4 UnixMonky Expand contact info Individual contact information should include full name, address, phone, emergency contact, etc. The current form doesn't contain enough information. 352