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Welcome to the electronics room! If you don't know what something does, please ask. The Zone Warden is Nate B. The zone warden sign is here:

Tools in this zone:

Edsyn Loner soldering stations (the black ones directly above the bench)

Weller WLC-100 soldering stations (the orange ones on the top shelf)

Tektronix TDS 460 digital oscilloscope


Saleae Logic analyzer

X-Tronic 4000 series hot-air rework station

MFJ 269B Antenna analyzer

TL866 Universal Programmer


As with all of i3, leave nothing on the workbenches. Your project can be stored in a labeled box in the electronics room if you are actively working on it and it is small. Otherwise, take it home or use regular member storage.

If you were trimming or stripping wires, consider sweeping before you leave.


The gray and gray/yellow drawers on the back wall are the electronics "store". These components are for anyone who has a use for them. Place payment in the drawer labeled "Gives us the money Lebowski" near the middle. The image on the right is an approximate map to the component locations as of late August 2012. Ping Nate B for an update if one appears to be needed.

Some drawers are now labeled with prices, usually a cost "C" which is what it costs us to restock, and a second value for comparison, like "RS" for Radio Shack's price on an equivalent item. These are just FYI, and all we ask is that you cover the cost. Any markup beyond that is up to you, but you can be pretty generous and still save a bundle compared to retail. A buck here and there helps the selection continue to grow!

If there's no cost label and you don't know what a component goes for, find it on and add 10% to cover shipping. If you need change, break your bills with change from the cup in the fridge. However, these funds go to different places, so don't just drop money in the wrong cup.

If you wish to donate components to the store, feel free to do so. If it is clear where they belong, just drop them in, adding labels as necessary. Avoid leaving anything in an unlabeled drawer or bin. If you don't know where something belongs, ask Nate B, or leave a note indicating your intent and he will find or make a place so the parts can remain organized.

Reference prices for bulk items: Rather than tagging each value individually...

Item Price
1/4-watt resistor: 2c
1/2-watt resistor: 5c
High-wattage resistors: Ask!
3 or 5mm LED, red/green/yellow 5c
3 or 5mm LED, white or blue 10c
High-power LEDs Ask!
Any ceramic cap 5c
Electrolytic caps Use Mouser, or ask
Zener diodes, up to 1W 10c
1n4xxx diodes 5c
Other diodes Use Mouser, or ask
0.100" Harwin housings, 1 position 2c
0.100" Harwin housings, 2 positions 15c
0.100" Harwin housings, 3+ positions 25c
0.100" Harwin crimp pins 7c

more to come...


Parts on this list will be ordered ASAP.

Who wants it? What is it? Quantity desired Qty Ordered Mouser part # Digi-key part # notes
Evan LM1881 video sync separator 10? 926-LM1881M/NOPB n/a n/a
e-lab Harwin single female crimp terminals 1000 855-M20-1180042 DK's price sucks
nate b / wide-ass Kapton tape 1 0

Arduino Stash

If you need an Arduino on short notice at a decent price, please contact Roger S. Here's a listing of current inventory:

Item Price Qty Avail
Uno R1 $14 1
Uno R3 $16 6
Mega 2650 R1 $22 1
EthShield $19 2
Motor Control Shield $9 3
Yellow I2C LCD Module $13 2
Breadboard Power Supply $3 2
3-Axis Accelerometer $6 9

The motor control shield is this one:


The following list is an attempt to offer up suggestions of tasks that could be accomplished in the Electronics Room by people interested in helping out.

Feel free to take charge of one or more of these items as your time and expertise allow. If you have taken charge of a task, please put your name into the field next to the task.

Should you run out of time or ability to complete a task, make sure to post on the mailing list and "fail loudly". This ensures that task status is shared, and no task languishes in silent failure.

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the eRoom. 1 Nate B.
New power for archway lights Replace the brick above the ceiling with something rated for that use and not connected by a flexible cord. 2 Nate B.
Fix the Roombas At least one of the Roomba vacuums has a charging problem that we can fix. New FETs are in the "SMT Crap" bin. 1  ?
Partslaser mechanism Build X-Y gimbal, motor controller, laser enable, and camera mount  ?  ?
Partslaser software Spreadsheet/database, label printing, find-a-part interface  ?  ?
Cabinet map Until Partslaser is operational, an easier way to update would be nice. 2  ?
Improve lightbulb load-box Add a temperature-controlled exhaust fan, and corresponding intake grille, to the load-bank box. 3  ?
20A plug on CZ strip Replace the temporary 15A plug on the compute zone power strip  ? Lego
wire spool rack Design a (laser-cuttable?) rack for small wire spools, that hangs on pegboard or under shelf  ?  ?
equipment pages for the keysight gear wiki zone task? find the right template and make stub pages for the MSOX4154A, the E3631A, the 33600A, and 34461A.  ?  ?
tenma meter repair Fix the sticky ammeter needle on the Tenma 72-630 PSU. Gently!  ?  ?
mount bigass HP PSU under shelf Nearest the door, so it's not in knee-space but the meters are accessible 3 ?
surplus equipment ownership determine ownership of LeCroy scope, old HP logic analyzer, magnifying rolling lamp 1 Nate B.
simpson microohmmeter refurb readings aren't consistent, maybe because the internal nicad pack is missing? 4 Evan?
NTSC vectorscope repair PSU problem? 4 ?
mount tek rack stuff on e-cart the new tm506 and sorensen PSU could use better mounting on the rolling cart 2 ?
cull crap on topmost shelves either side of the window, there's a bunch of stuff we never touch, that space could be better used. 3 Nate B.
New test-lead rack for scope probes the existing one was adequate but is a bit rough on probes, a "real" pomona rack would be nice, possibly 1 ?
Clean/repair switch on Ted's PSU Ted brought in this adorable little HP power supply but the gauge is flaky and I think it's just a bad or dirty range selection switch. Needs a good check-out, though. Spikes bad. 2 ?
Clean other HP HV PSU Scored a nice HP PSU at auction that seems to work but the pots and switches are flaky. It's in overflow with a tag on it. Have at! 2 ?
Floor decluttering Cull the storage under the benches. Everything left should be in a proper tote with proper label. 2 Thank you Brandon!


Some resources I've found useful for learning soldering, for those like me that prefer a good video over reading a website:

Pace Basic Soldering Lessons:

Pace Rework & Repair Lessons:

Tangent Tutorials:

What's that? A collaboratively-edited collection of parts that hobbyists actually find useful? Yes! Behold, the Partfinder! See also Dangerous Prototypes' collection:

There's a trove of 7400-series datasheets here:

Nate B's personal bookmarks on the subject are here:

Please feel free to edit this section and add more links!

SD card adapter schematic, we stock these in the store.
TL866 bin contents