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The Fab Lab


Welcome to the fab lab! If you don't know what something does, please ask. The Zone Warden is Andrew Meyer. The zone warden sign is here: File:FabLabZonePoster.docx

Tools in this zone:


Rostock MAX

LPKF C30/S (PCB Mill)

Full Spectrum Laser Cutter

Tools that are in the Fab Lab Annex (next to Laser Cutter Zone)

Stratasys FDM 1650

Vacuum Former


To cover the cost of consumables/maintenance, please contribute when you use the Fab Lab equipment. Put money in the blue bin labeled "3D printer fund."

ABS for 3D printing is priced by gram or cubic centimeter of extruded plastic. Please include all the test extrusions and failed prints in your measurements.

Laser time is measured based on laser firing time. Use the timer on the laser cutter display.

Equipment Price
3mm ABS (printrbot) 5¢/gram or cm^3
1.75mm ABS (Rostock) 10¢/gram or cm^3
FSLaser time 25¢/min cut time
Protomat CNC TBD


The following list is an attempt to offer up suggestions of tasks that could be accomplished in the Fab Lab by people interested in helping out.

Feel free to take charge of one or more of these items as your time and expertise allow. If you have taken charge of a task, please put your name into the field next to the task.

Should you run out of time or ability to complete a task, make sure to post on the mailing list and "fail loudly". This ensures that task status is shared, and no task languishes in silent failure.

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rostock part cooling design/get manufactured a ring of microjets to be supplied by shop air. the jets should hit the plastic, not the nozzle 2
Printrbot The Printrbot has been disassembled partially and does not function: (Taken home by Matt H for rehabilitation/destruction by fire) 4 Matt Huber
Decorative Work The Fab Lab currently has a sort of forest theme going on. It would be nice to continue the theme by painting the conduits and stanchions deep brown to simulate vines and trunks, put up more vinyl leaves, and paint the ceiling with either a sky pattern or a forest canopy pattern. 5 Kevin Flory

Important Notes

  • Please keep the door between the Fab Lab and the Commons area closed. Doing so will help ensure that when the heater or air conditioner is running, the Fab Lab maintains an appropriate temperature. Also the AC/Heater for the office space isn't anywhere near efficient enough to cool/heat the main shop area, and we don't want to spend a hojillion dollars letting it try.
  • Please don't use the FabLab as a shortcut between the commons area and the eLab when someone is working in there. There's not a lot of room, and having a parade go by while you're arguing with the printrbot isn't all that much fun.