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Zone Information
Zone Name Machine Shop
Zone Slogan "I'm a lame zone with no slogan"
Zone Coordinator(s) Brandon Biller
Zone E-mail
Map Area I
Zone Color Blue

Bench Grinder

Safety Notes

  • Do not use the bench grinder on aluminum as the aluminum flakes can trap heat in and cause the wheel to fracture.
  • Do not cut off any piece of your body


Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Acer 1440G Lathe Yes 4% Trevor C4% Brian W2% Aaron D90%Nate B Running
Bridgeport Mill No i3Detroit Running
Dake Band Saw No i3Detroit Running
DoAll DBW-1 Bandsaw-Blade Welder No TBDbest contact is Dave Scholl Running
Edlund Drill Press No i3Detroit Running
MHC Shear Brake and Roll No John Sugg Running
Sanford Surface Grinder No TBDbest contact is Steve Hermann Running

Useful Sites

Virtual Machine Shop

Information on a wide variety of machining operations.

Information on Gears

Timing Belts, Pulleys and Metric Gears

Info from Stock Drive Products/ Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI)

Lathe Machines

Introduction to the Mini Lathe

If you know how a dog works with a face plate you may not need to look, but otherwise


Fastener Basics

Wood Screws



Abom79's channel

Adam doesn't skip over much, so if a project takes 4 hours of shop time, there are probably 4 videos, each between 30 and 50 minutes long. Gives a good sense of pacing, order of operations, and general flow of work. For someone who's new to machining, this can be helpful:


  • Please don't throw sheet metal, copper, or aluminum away. We recycle these.