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Zone Information
Zone Name Machine Shop
Zone Slogan "I'm a lame zone with no slogan"
Zone Coordinator(s) Brandon Biller
Zone E-mail
Map Area I
Zone Color Blue

Bench Grinder

Safety Notes

  • Do not use the bench grinder on aluminum as the aluminum flakes can trap heat in and cause the wheel to fracture.
  • Do not cut off any piece of your body


Equipment {link} Photo Needs Certification?
Acer 1440G Lathe AcerLathe.jpg Yes

Useful Sites

Virtual Machine Shop

Information on a wide variety of machining operations.

Information on Gears

Timing Belts, Pulleys and Metric Gears

Info from Stock Drive Products/ Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI)

Lathe Machines

Introduction to the Mini Lathe

If you know how a dog works with a face plate you may not need to look, but otherwise


Fastener Basics

Wood Screws



Abom79's channel

Adam doesn't skip over much, so if a project takes 4 hours of shop time, there are probably 4 videos, each between 30 and 50 minutes long. Gives a good sense of pacing, order of operations, and general flow of work. For someone who's new to machining, this can be helpful:


  • Please don't throw sheet metal, copper, or aluminum away. We recycle these.