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[[Map of i3 Connectivity]] 4 Degrees of Seperation @ i3 -- [[User:TerryWynn|Terry W]]
[[Map of i3 Connectivity]] 4 Degrees of Seperation @ i3 -- [[User:TerryWynn|Terry W]]
[[Vacuum Forming Machine]] -- Contact John Sugg
[[Arduino Controlled Thermostat]] -- Contact Eric Merrill  
[[Arduino Controlled Thermostat]] -- Contact Eric Merrill  
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== Completed Projects (2013) ==
== Completed Projects (2013) ==
[[Vacuum Forming Machine]] -- Contact John Sugg
[[Printrbot]] -- Devin
[[Vacuum Forming Machine]] -- John Sugg
[[April Fools dentistry]] - an excellent April Fools prank (Nate B., Dustin, K. Foley, others I can't tell who from the pics)
[[April Fools dentistry]] - an excellent April Fools prank (Nate B., Dustin, K. Foley, others I can't tell who from the pics)

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Ongoing Projects

Steam Pong -- Terry W

Pate de Verre Glass Boxes-- Terry W

Map of i3 Connectivity 4 Degrees of Seperation @ i3 -- Terry W

Arduino Controlled Thermostat -- Contact Eric Merrill

Modular Analog Synthesizer -- Contact Nicholas Britsky

Security Cameras -- We'll be watching you! - Contact Nate B or Joe B

RFID safety switch system -- Using your i3 key to power up heavy machines in the space - Contact Joe B

Building an N0GSG radio direction finder -- Nate B

Capacitive discharge battery tab Spot-welder, based on [Pemberton's design] -- Nate B

CRM Software -- To Track Memberships and payments - Contact Ed Platt

Reprap Machines -- Small Rapid Prototyping station - Contact Devin McPherson

Small CNC -- Contact Paul Kerchen or Brian Wennberg

Brain Controlled Robot -- Using an OCZ Neural Impuse Actuator to collect EEG/EMG waves, and uses them to control a small robot. - Contact Dan Swando

Player Piano Rebuild w/ Roll Printer -- Rebuilding an old player piano to working condition. Then hacking an old dot matrix printer to cut out from a continuous roll of paper to play on the piano, as well as various piano add-ons for further automation. - Contact Trevor Cook

Player Piano Project Branch: Hard drive actuated piano -- Actuation of the hammers in the above player piano with the reader arms scavenged from dead hard drives. - Contact Trevor Cook

Cigar Box Guitar and Beer Growler Organ -- a Cigar Box Guitar and a Beer Growler Organ. SWiT.

Cheeto Launcher

Hubless Motor -- A low-friction propulsion system based on Mag-lev principles

WelcomeSwitch 2.0 -- A forthcoming rewrite or complete reimplementation of the basic idea. Hopefully with StatusNet support.

I3 Girls 2011 Maker Faire Project -- TBD.

Analog Modular Synthesizer - Built into a '70s organ with 3 CVs (the 2 manuals and foot pedals) and 12 modules to start.

Needlecraft Night - follow link to see members' knit, crochet, and sewing projects

Papercraft Party - follow link to see members' scrapbook, origami, and art projects

RoboPop - extension of OpenSoda contact Blasted Bill Putt

Space Automation - The umbrella project for all the automated infrastructure. Security, HVAC, etc.

RFID entry system - OpenAccess Control 3.0 based replacement for existing system - Contact Evan Allen

OpenSoda - contact Blasted Bill Putt

Mobile Production Studio - Soon to be mobile 4 Mic Podcast/AV Production Studio - Project Lead Nate_LapT NateW

ChromoDisk - a 4-inch LED-filled disk design rehash of the Aurora from Instructables. (Roger S)

Bat House - it's ... well ... a bat house. Based upon Rocket Bat House design on Internet. (Roger S)

Open Skeeball -- a DIY Skeeball machine powered by an Arduino microcontroller. SWiT.

Real-Time Drum Lights - Light up the inside of a drum when it is played - Contact Dave Scholl

2-meter AVR-controlled double-conversion superhet receiver - (Brad T)

AVR-Controlled Wood Stove -- electronics+programming+fire! - Contact Neil F

Digital Pressure Gauge for Keg -- electronics+programming+beer! - Contact Neil F

Completed Projects (2013)

Printrbot -- Devin

Vacuum Forming Machine -- John Sugg

April Fools dentistry - an excellent April Fools prank (Nate B., Dustin, K. Foley, others I can't tell who from the pics)

Fixed the coat rack - Glue, clamps, zipties, good as new! Please don't use the coat rack as a means of dismounting the bunk couch (Jody R)

Click Box Maker wiki page (Terry W)

Laser Cutting for Dummies (Terry W)

Programmable Kiln Controller (Terry W,Roger S)

Completed Projects (2012)

Bunk Couches - two sets of couches stacked on top of one another. One of them is even a glider! (who?)

Completed Projects (2011)

Progromino - an extension of the Le Dominoux device, using an AVR! (Roger S)

ChronoTune - A qualifier project for the Red Bull Creation Challenge (Nate B, Ted H, Eric M, and Roger S)

2-meter window antenna in the e-room (Brad T)

Completed Projects (2010)

WelcomeSwitch -- Lets members indicate when they're willing to accept guests. Wired and originally programmed by Nate B, rewritten by Ted.

CupcakeCar -- A goofy testbed for electrical and mechanical ideas, an eye-catching way to zip around town, and an engineering disaster, all rolled into one! Dismantled. Mostly Nick, also Nate B and others.

Twinki3 Car -- Russ Wolfe / Nick Britsky

Powerwheels Racer -- An electric ride-on toy meant for 6 year olds, hacked into a racing vehicle for adults that only have the mentality of a 6 year old. Ted.

Twittering Doghouse -- Bob and Dennay

Feedback Slider -- A musical instrument based on feedback. Ed.

ArduinoFoamDartShootingRange -- four pop-up targets and machine that detect hits from foam darts (nerf) and is powered by an arduino. SWiT.

microliter coolant auto pump -- dispenser for very small shots of water base machining coolant and lube. steve h.


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