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Wireless Network

The SSID is i3detroit , there is no encryption, this is considered a feature (for the moment). There is also an SSID of i3detroit-wpa with encryption; the passphrase is on posters with QR codes scattered about the space. The old SSIDs of i3 and i3test are deprecated, and they will be going away soon.

LAN Addresses

Internally, we are using the supernet. It should sidestep most VPN overlap problems, should we establish any connections to other locations. At present, we are only using one subnet of this:

Patch Panel

This is the page that contains the only authoritative list of what the connections on the networking patch panel go to.


Static Hosts

If you have something that needs to be attached to the network at i3Detroit, a static IP address can be assigned to it. This is useful in cases where something like a printer or a tool needs to be on the network with a known address that doesn't change.

Most member and guest laptops, however, do not need one of these.

If you have something that needs a fixed address but can't be configured for one (for some reason), something known as a DHCP reservation can be applied. Please contact Joe B to help you out with this.
If you can, please try to create a wiki page with information about the thing you just attached to the network, and link to that from the IP address listing here.

Static hosts use the following settings:

Item Value
IP address Take an unused address from the table below. Document which address you used. When in doubt, ping first.
Subnet mask
Default Gateway
DNS Server
DNS domain name i3detroit.local
Time / NTP server (pfSense router) or (The LAN switch is also an NTP server)

IP Addresses in use

Use the Equipment Page Form to add devices to this list or move items from the old non-Semantic list below.

DescriptionIP addressHostnameDescriptionMACStatusZoneAdmins
PFSense Router10.13.0.1pfsenseFirewall and DHCP server00:02:B3:2D:99:90RunningInfrastructure
Wireless LAN Controller10.13.0.10, LAN Controller00:18:BA:49:C5:27RunningInfrastructure
Ethernet Switch 310.13.0.3i3switch03Ethernet Switch 3 with POERunningInfrastructure
Nortel GPSTMtestIPNortel GPSTMtestMACDownInfrastructure
Address Host Description Admin(s) pfsense The firewall and dhcp server. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender, Brad, Ted and others. i3switch01 This is the Cisco 3750 Ethernet switch that drives i3! Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender Cisco 1130 AP i3DetroitAP01 This is primary access point for i3Detroit. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender Cisco 1130 i3DetroitAP02 This is the office space access point for i3Detroit. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender Asterisk VM We make phone calls with this. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender Wireless LAN Controller We do nifty wireless things with this. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender Wireless LAN Controller IP #2 (required) We do nifty wireless things with this. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender Cisco 1130 i3DetroitAP03 This is the back-of-shop access point for i3Detroit. Not a toy. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender hardac.i3detroit.local RR-4U-2630-02-SAS Andrew Meyer Power Meter Ethernet<->RS485 adapter for the power meter Ted mcclellan.i3detroit.local MQTT/SpaceAPI VM Andrew Meyer fablab The fablab host Andrew Meyer i3Switch02 i3 Second managed Ethernet switch in rack JCBender Full Spectrum 40W Laser Cutter Andrew Meyer, Matt Gardeski Large format printer The HP DesignJet 300 i3, Nate B admin HP LaserJet 700 m712 Printer located in the Compute Zone HP Color LaserJet 4650dn Color Laserjet 4650dn printer in the Compute Zone RogerS IP Cameras Security Cameras Mike F & Infrastructure CRTU-RU Protocol Analyzer Radio Unit Nate B cyra Turret laser system Matthew Gardeski Polycom-ATA Cisco ATA-186 VOIP adapter for the Polycom conference phone. Nicht für gefingerpöken JCBender harrison.i3detroit.local NTP stratum-1 server. Andrew Meyer DHCP RANGE This is the DHCP range handed out by the firewall. Reservations possible


The default DNS domain handed out for DHCP clients is i3detroit.local. If you have statically assigned a IP to something, and you want its hostname to be in DNS as your_hostname.i3detroit.local, we can add it to the local server. Post a request on the mailing list to have that taken care of.