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== Hand Tool Wish List==
== Hand Tool Wish List==
*Router table saftey items feathera boards etc.
* crosscut sled for table saw
* crosscut sled for table saw
* Carpenter's Square
* Carpenter's Square

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The Wood Shop

Shop Safety!

  • Keep shop area clear of debris, cutoff pieces and other hazards.
  • Wear Eye and Hearing protection at all time using woodworking power tools.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Tie long hair back, remove dangling jewelery, remove work gloves.
  • Take your time. Accidents happen because someone is in too big of a hurry.
  • Think about what you are doing. If something seems unsafe, it probably is.

Dust Control

  • Do not vacuum any metal objects with dust-control machine, it must be used only for sawdust.


Raw Material Storage

Material Storage Policy

Sheet Goods Rack: 1/4 sheet (8 sq. ft.) or larger sheet goods, or boards narrower than 12 in. but longer than 4 ft. A-frame Rack Exterior: Less than 1/4 sheet (8 sq. ft.) but at least 24 in. by 12 in. sheet goods, or boards narrower than 12 in. and between 2 ft. and 4 ft. long. A-frame Rack Interior: Boards narrower than 12 in. and more than 4 ft. long, and not sturdy enough to stand up in a vertical storage rack. Shelf under the miter saw: a limited quantity of smaller pieces for open-use will be kept here.

Material Owned by Individual Members

Raw Material Space permitting, storage in the Sheet Goods Rack and A-frame Rack is available for the sizes described above. Your raw material must be marked with Name, Phone, Email, and Date, or Parking Permit, or it will be considered open-use and available for others to use. Your raw material should not be stored for longer than 90 days. After 90 days, even fully labeled material becomes open-use. We request that WS Parking Permits not extend for more than 90 days.

In-Process Projects: A shelving unit marked for Member Projects is available in the wood shop for small in-process storage while clamping, gluing, finishing, etc.. Use of this area requires a Parking Permit and should not exceed 30 days. Large in-process projects also require a Parking Permit and should be on a cart or some movable rack so that others may move it out of the way.

I3-Owned Material Storage

Any material marked with a date and “i3” or “WS” is reserved until that date for an internal i3 project and should not be used without a Warden's permission. After that date, it is available for open-use.

Open-Use Material Storage

Materials stored in the “over the window rack”, the Sheet Goods Rack, or the rolling A-frame Rack, without a proper label as described above, are available for open-use by anyone working in the space.

Open-Use Compensation: The intent of open-use material, whether donated or purchased with Wood Shop funds, is to provide a convenient source for small amounts of common materials. We do not have space or funds to provide a complete material supply for projects. If you use a piece of open-use material longer than 4 feet or larger than a quarter sheet, please deposit an appropriate amount of compensation into the Wood Shop Donation Box.

Material Donation: Members wanting to donate a manageable quantity of leftover project material may leave it in the appropriate location, space permitting, where it will be available for open-use. The Wardens will periodically cull the stored open-use material to remove duplicates and seldom-used items.


Power Tool Wish List

  • Router Table
  • 6inch by 48 inch combo belt sander
  • Thickness Planer 13 inch like Dewalt DW735X
  • i3 ownership of Lathe and tools
  • i3 ownership 15 inch Floor mount Drill Press

Hand Tool Wish List

  • crosscut sled for table saw
  • Carpenter's Square
  • Square
  • more good clamps (not harbor freight)

Wood Shop Training