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i3 Detroit's members have lots of ways to communicate with each other and with the public. This page attempts to catalog them.

The Blog

The front page of runs on Wordpress, and features articles written by members. ANY MEMBER can post! Suggested topics include:

  • Upcoming events
  • Event recaps
  • Project kickoffs / work-days
  • Project wrote-ups
  • Project featured elsewhere so check it out
  • Opinion/editorial

To get a Wordpress account created, post on the members' mailing list and ask for it. Wordpress lets you pick your own public-facing name which will appear at the top of all the posts you write, so specify this in the request, otherwise the person creating the account will make one up for you.

The Members' Mailing List

Is accessible at or by email subscription. Only members are allowed to be on this one. It's where the majority of member communication happens, so sometimes it's quite chatty, and lots of folks use filters and folders to contain the firehose. If you're new to such things, please read and absorb Mailing_List_Etiquette.

The Announce List

Meant to be the moderated important-stuff-only version of the above, gets very little traffic, not because there aren't important things being said, but because anyone in a position to see them has already seen them and doesn't realize that folks who subscribe only to -announce haven't seen them. A way around this would be nice, so if you think of one, please mention it!

In the meantime, if you see something important and want all members to be aware of it, forward it to and it'll sit in the mod queue for a short while until someone approves it.

The Public List

Lives at and if you're reading this, you should be on it! Members and non-members alike are welcome, and the group serves as a general hangout for the tech community that has coalesced around i3.

One type of traffic that ends up on -public is job postings, and these deserve special mention. Consensus is:

  • Local jobs only, no relocation.
  • Personal connections only, no recruiters.
  • If you GET a job through the above, please brag about it!

The Twitterbot

Since we don't have any paid staff, and thus don't have regular "open" hours, we needed a way to tell the world when it was OK to visit. That mechanism is the Twitterbot. Physically, it's a switch right by the door, which any member can throw when they enter the space, if they feel like inviting guests. (It's expected that they'll turn it off again when this is no longer the case.)

When the switch is thrown, two things happen:

  • The top-right box on the website indicates "The space is OPEN FOR GUESTS" instead of "Closed, come back later".
  • A tweet goes out on @i3detroit saying something to the above effect, possibly including a photo taken at the moment the switch was thrown.

Operation detailed at Twitterbot.

Other Twitter

Occasionally, humans monitor and respond to the @i3detroit account too. Don't count on it.


Apparently we have some sort of Facebook presence. As this author values his privacy and knows nothing of it, someone else will have to edit this section with the details.

Google Calendar

Find a way to add this to your personal calendaring system, it's important:

As with everything, every member is allowed to post stuff here, but setting up the credentials is manual so it's done on demand. Just ask!

The Telephone

Goodness! An old-fashioned telephone?

Yes! Well, not exactly, there's VOIP 'twixt the two ends. But still, it's accessible on the PSTN, so it counts. It's at +1-248-556-9995 and rings inside the space. IF YOU HEAR A PHONE RINGING IN THE SPACE, PLEASE ANSWER IT. It's probably someone who saw the twitterbot change state, and wants to call-ahead before coming for a visit. Sometimes it's a news reporter or something. Do what you see fit, but if you feel the call needs followup, jot down the details and post to the members' list, above.

The Forums

Are at and this section needs expansion. You can log in with your Google credentials used for the Groups, so that's cool.


Like most open-source projects, we're on Freenode. Channel is #i3detroit. The easiest way to join is by clicking the "Web chat" link on the front page of, which will open a browser-based chat client and plunge you right in. Say hi, then be patient because not all of us are at our keyboards all the time! "Drive-by greeting" is considered poor IRC etiquette, so stick around a few minutes! If you can install and run a real client, or use a shell session for persistence, that's better.

The Wiki

Yeah, the one you're reading right now. Account creation is manual, but not actually restricted to members-only, because we've had a few outsiders interested in contributing. See HOWTO_Get_a_Wiki_Account. As with all wikis, Be Bold!

Contact@i3detroit Email

This goes to a handful of Board members, and might be useful if -public isn't appropriate but you don't know who to talk to. Really it's a PITA so consider it a last resort.