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: ''focus on the i3 wiki''
: ''focus on the i3 wiki''
;Compute Zone Orientation
;Compute Zone Orientation
: ''Google Calendar, Google Groups, Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, CRM, Eventbrite.''
: ''Google Calendar, Google Groups, Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, CRM, Eventbrite and IRC''
: Proposed Dates:
: Proposed Dates:
: Facilitated by: Marie, Justin
: Facilitated by: Marie, Justin

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Welcome to the Compute Zone! This zone was established in the aim of providing space and tools for the computing needs of members at large as well as provide a venue and support system for computing oriented projects. This zone is co-warden-ed by Justin Triplett and Marie-Therese Enga, please email us about your thoughts!


Open Source SIG

The Open Source Special Interest Group is a collection of people and events related to Open Source Software and Hardware. We have a number of projects going on in this group including Git Empowerment, Open Hardware power profiling, and EFF BitCoin Patronage. This group also supports the SEMI Linux user group which includes non-members, and meets at 19:00/7pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Recycling and Refurbishing

Yup, we just totally went there. Well we are working on it at least.

We are interested in helping people make intelligent decisions about surviving the the cycle of planned obsolescence. Yes, I'm serious, not only is planned obsolescence a real thing I will attempt to convince you it's a 'good' thing. You just need to be smart to survive it and we all need to be smart so we all survive it. We are exploring personal computer consulting, refurbishing, and recycling. Briefly our mission is to assist people in considering computing options with which they may not be familiar.

Training and Workshops

Wiki Editing Workshop
focus on the i3 wiki
Compute Zone Orientation
Google Calendar, Google Groups, Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, CRM, Eventbrite and IRC
Proposed Dates:
Facilitated by: Marie, Justin
Make vectors for use with many of our fun gadgets, such as the vinyl and laser cutters
Quatum GIS
An open source Geographical Information System
Security for Everyone
Basic security concerns of the 21st century including: 2-factor authentication, encrypted WiFi, SSL and you.
Ops School
Ops School on Read the Docs , interested? let us know!

Please email the wardens with ideas and suggestions. If you teach a class related to this zone let us know and we'll add it to the list and perhaps help support the needs of the class.

We're considering hosting study/support groups for edx.org or other online classes.

Dozuki Guide Hub

We are starting a Dozuki Hub to host repair and building guides of all sorts, not just computer related! We will be forming Dozuki workshops for everyone to learn how to use Dozuki. For now if you are interested, take a look at the documentation.

General Purpose

Facilitating the general computing needs of members and visitors at large.


Listed in order of generally accepted Awesomeness

Nickname Hostname Platform Operating System IP Designated Purpose
Marie's Brain imagical.i3detroit.local Macintosh-Intel Mac OS 10.6, 10.8 Coming Soon New Member Orientation, Photo Booth, Print & Scan, Kicking serious butt
PC Print Station not available Intel / Pentium 4 Windows XP not available currently down, due to power efficiency concerns


Hostname Platform Operating System IP Description Admin
FileSaurus.i3detroit.local ESXi VM on 64bit AMD Opteron Debian Wheezy Fileserver [SFTP, TFTP, samba] justin.triplett@gmail.com


Follow the section link to visit the primary network page. Any local networks created for the Compute Zone will be listed below:

The Cisco equipment will be migrated to the network rack, after which the server rack can be utilized for hosting projects.

Data Management

Power Meter

We are also now collecting data on the power usage in the building and hosting publicly for analysis. You can read more about it at the Power Meter page, at the bottom is information about access to the database.