Craft Room Inventory: 20121110

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There's a task on the task list to clean up the craft room. However, part of the problem with carrying out this task is that the craft room is simply crammed with cool stuff, almost none of which really counts as trash. Most of it's unlabeled, and we're sure all of it's loved.

Barring the pending (and unknown to this member) status of the Craft Room's move to I3 East, we don't have enough space for all this stuff. To help the group pare things down, I'm going to start an inventory of what's in here.

'This is not an exhaustive inventory. It mainly concerns unlabeled items which aren't in or on their own storage fixture, and aren't clearly a bulk supply intended for use by other members.'

Item Detailed Description Owner (If Known) Where?
Black Party Lamp Plywood base; lamp is duct-taped to base. ? On top of shelf of mosaic supplies.
Box of Paper Cranes Also holds origami/construction paper and wire mounts ? On top of shelf of mosaic supplies.
Big Green Hanging Thingy Cat toy? ? Sitting in wood/canvas envelope rack.
Burnt-Wood Owl Plaquette