Craft Room Inventory: 20121110

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IN-PROGRESS, 2012-11-24

There's a task (on the task list ToDo) to clean up the craft room. However, part of the problem with carrying out this task is that the craft room is simply crammed with cool stuff.

We don't have enough space for all this stuff. To help the group pare things down, I'm going to start an inventory of what's in here.

This document is in-progress. I have been cleaning, labeling, and inventorying in the Craft Room as I have time. The document is neither exhaustive nor complete. Please contact Kevin Flory (419-234-6200) for details on the work I've done so far.

Materials Please note that this list is of all materials which aren't marked for personal use only. This list contains supplies that anyone can consume. Donations gratefully accepted.
Item Detailed Description Owner/Sponser (If Known) Size Current Location Pic
Mosaic Supplies Large collection of mosaic supplies in own cabinet. ? 2' x 1' x 2'7.5" North wall, to immediate E. of door None At Present
Acrylic Paint Tube and bottled acrylic paint in a wide variety of qualities ("Craft", "Basic", "Artist") and colors. Contained in labeled box. ? 14.5" x 11.5" x 6.5" Supply shelf, NW corner None At Present
Snap/Grommet Kit (Apparently) used for putting on and taking off snaps, eyelets, and other metal fixtures on fabric. Contained in labeled custom-fit box. ? 14.5" x 10' x 2' Sewing supplies shelf, E wall None At Present
Oil paint Tube oil paints, basic color range. ? Shoe Box Supply shelf, NW corner None At Present
Paint thinner, varnishes Various liquids used in painting. More complete list to follow if interest warrants. Kevin Flory Shoe Box Supply shelf, NW corner None At Present
Polyester Stuffing 4 bags, loose, at 2 lb. apiece [that's a LOT of stuffing] ? 12" x 18" x 10" W wall, cubed shelving units, bottom L. None At Present
Sheet Stuffing Various scraps, none larger than 16 x 18 triangle. ? N/A Packed with loose polyester stuffing. None At Present
Fabric Even more fabric than there is stuffing, and that's saying a lot. Everything from patch-sized remnants through swaths of complete bolts (longest measure thus far comes in around 13'). Needs a complete sorting and inventory job by someone who knows what they're doing! ? N/A Packed above loose polyester stuffing. None At Present

Brushes, Q-Tips, Palettes Mel B. Drawer in fixture 15" x 21.5" x 25.5" 3-drawer fixture underneath workbench--bottom drawer, labeled "Painting Supplies". None At Present
Paper Cutters 2 guillotine cutters-one 14" blade, one 12". Mel B. 14" cutter @ 14.5" x 13" x 1.5", 12" cutter @ 12" x 13" x 2 1/8" Floating, no 'permanent' home assigned None At Present

Projects And Random Unlabeled Stuff
Item Detailed Description Owner (If Known) Current Location Pic
Black Party Lamp Plywood base; lamp is duct-taped to base. ? Lost & Found (Under Ed's desk--E. end of room)
CraftRoomInventory BlackPartyLamp.jpg
Box of Paper Cranes Also holds origami/construction paper and wire mounts. ? On top of shelf of mosaic supplies.
CraftRoomInventory Project PaperCranes.jpg
Big Green Hanging Thingy Cat toy? ? Sitting in wood/canvas envelope rack.
CraftRoomInventory BigGreenHangingThingy-Open.jpg
CraftRoomInventory BigGreenHangingThingy-Closed.jpg
Burnt-Wood Owl Plaquette Initials "JW" visible in lower right corner. ? Lost & Found (Under Ed's desk--E. end of room)
CraftRoomInventory Project OwlPlaquette.jpg
Disposible (?) Painting Smock Obviously used. ? Lost & Found (Under Ed's drafting desk--E. end of room)
CraftRoomInventory DisposablePaintingSmock.jpg
Unknown Electrical Project Phrases "HOT" and "~2 Amp" labeled on surface in blue marker. ? Lost & Found (Under Ed's drafting desk--E. end of room)
CraftRoom UnknownWoodenFixture.jpg
Sewing Item? Unknown function. Label in photo reads "XL". ? Lost & Found (Under Ed's drafting desk--E. end of room)
CraftRoomInventory UnknownSewingItem.jpg