Craftsman 16gal Wet-Dry Vac

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Craftsman 16gal Wet-Dry Vac
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Name Craftsman 16gal Wet-Dry Vac
Owner i3 Detroit
Make Model Craftsman 113.177611
Part Number S/N 07307 R 2100
Date Acquired
Storage Location this wet-dry vac is located in the Wood Shop.
Authorization Required
Documentation * TBD
Other References * Craftsman wet-dry vac consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


For sawdust cleanup in the Wood Shop. (No metal shavings, please!)


  • Only for sawdust in the wood shop. (No metal shavings, please!)


  • Make sure the hose is connected, and turn on the power switch.

Maintenance Info

  • The paper filter needs to be replaced periodically.
  • The barrel needs to be dumped when it fills up with sawdust.



  • The nut that should hold the paper filter in place is missing. Several small zip-ties are being used as a work-around, but they may not hold over the long-term.