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File:Link(s) to picture(s) of it
Name Cricut
Zone Craft Room
Owner Unknown
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Miscellaneous supply shelf, NW corner
Authorization Required
Documentation Link(s) to on-line documentation
Other References Hacks wiki:

Workflow for 3d models, mentions craft robo but should work for SCAL or MTC too:

Open-source cutter driver:

If/when it breaks, we'll need this info:

ATX Hackerspace has a cricut and lots of info here:


Like a miniature vinyl cutter, but for paper. Allows cutting of arbitrary shapes when used with special software on Craft Room laptop; otherwise, requires special cartridges with pre-loaded designs. Manual in craft room.


Put the rules that govern the use of this tool here.

  • Who is allowed to use it?
  • Is there any traning required before use?


Note, Nate B has a license for the old version of Sure Cuts-A-Lot that works on this machine, contact him directly if you'd like to use it.

Maintenance Info