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Name Cricut
Zone Craft Room
Owner Donated by manufacturer.
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Miscellaneous supply shelf, NW corner
Authorization Required
Documentation Link(s) to on-line documentation
Other References Hacks wiki:

Workflow for 3d models, mentions craft robo but should work for SCAL or MTC too:

Open-source cutter driver:

If/when it breaks, we'll need this info:

ATX Hackerspace has a cricut and lots of info here:


Like a miniature vinyl cutter, but for paper. Allows cutting of arbitrary shapes when used with special software on Craft Room laptop; otherwise, requires special cartridges with pre-loaded designs.


  • Anyone is allowed to use the Cricut.
  • No training is required before use. (First-time users should browse the quick-start guide, below.)
  • DO NOT update Sure Cuts A Lot. Later versions lack the capability to connect to the Cricut.
  • DO NOT update the Cricut's firmware beyond v. 2.3.


Note, Nate B has a license for the old version of Sure Cuts-A-Lot that works on this machine, contact him directly if you'd like to use it.

Template:Warnsign The following procedure requires:

  • An SVG file, or the time and willingness to create a design file as noted below
  • Paper. Any thickness works; untextured papers are preferred.
  1. Set up the Cricut. The power cord is in the box labeled "Cricut Accessories".
  2. Find and press the power button, by the 'Cut' and 'Stop' buttons.
  3. Boot the Craft Room laptop. Connect the Cricut using the USB cord in the Cricut accessories box.
  4. Start Sure Cuts A Lot.
  5. At this point, either import an existing SVG or create a cut file within Sure Cuts A Lot.
  6. Mount the selected paper on the sticky-backed cutting mat. Mats should be placed in the same shelf as the Cricut.
  7. Place the mat at the Cricut's front roller; it will be fed in automatically when you start the cut.
  8. Find the 'Cut' icon (shaped like scissors) in the icon bar. Press it.
  9. Your design will cut automatically.

KF 6/16/2014. Needs notes on swapping blade cartridges with the plotter (not practical) and vinyl cutter (practical, blade needs to be moved further out of cartridge. Needs notes on lubrication of knife. Needs notes on use of speed and pressure dials (at front left of machine).

Maintenance Info