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Name DIY Lil' CNC
Owner [[EquipOwner::Paul Kerchen (100%)]]
Make Model Built from plan version 1.0.3
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location [[EquipLocation::In the center of the shop near the Torquecut.]]
Authorization Required
Other References


A three-axis CNC-controlled Dremel tool


You must contact the owner about getting an account on the linux box that runs the machine.


  1. Generate G code
  2. Load G code into AXIS (or one of the other front-ends).
  3. Secure workpiece
  4. Cut
  5. Profit!

Maintenance Info

There is no routine maintenance required. When you're done with it, be sure to power down the controller box AND the linux box (it doesn't automatically power down on shutdown).

Due to an oversight while building it (forgot to put a flat on the bar that the set screw screws into), the y-axis pulley may become loose over time. If this happens, you'll need to remove the access panel on the y-axis uprights and tighten the set screw.


  • Can I mill printed circuit boards on this thing? Hasn't been done yet, but should be possible.
  • Can I drill printed circuit boards on this thing? Yes! Basically, you just need to translate your drill file to the lingua franca of the mill, G code.
  • How do I secure my work piece when milling? Currently, you have to simply tape it down with masking/painter's tape. Eventually, a better system will be devised. If you have ideas about what such a better system might look like, please contact Paul Kerchen!

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  • Build a better workpiece holder
  • Tie into shop dust collector