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| MakeModel = Delta 22-580
| MakeModel = Delta 22-580
| PartNumber = S/N 016149J
| PartNumber = S/N 016149J
| Documentation =  
| Documentation = * [[Media:Delta22-580.pdf‎|Owners Manual]]
| LooksLike = [[File:planer.jpg|Planer Photo]]
| LooksLike = [[File:planer.jpg|Planer Photo]]
| Rules =
| Rules =

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Delta 13 in Thickness Planer
[[Image:Planer Photo|175px| ]]
Name Delta 13 in Thickness Planer (Not in service yet 9/12/13)
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Delta 22-580
Part Number S/N 016149J
Date Acquired
Storage Location This Planer is located on a rolling cart in the Wood Shop.
Authorization Required
Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References * Planer consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


For planing new wood to a desired finished thickness


  • Connect to Dust collector system and start dust collector before starting planer
  • DO NOT plane boards shorter than 12 inches
  • Do not use on painted wood
  • Check any old wood for metal nails screws etc.
  • Don't sand or leave anything wet unless you meticulously clean up afterwards, the table will rust.


  • True Up One Face – Feed one face of the board through a jointer. Make thin cuts with each pass until the entire

surface is flat.

  • Plane to Thickness – Place the surfaced side (STEP 1) face down and feed the board through a planer until the opposite side is flat. Plane both sides of the board until you achieve your desired thickness. Make thin cuts, alternating sides with each pass. If, during the planing operation, you notice the board twisting, warping or bowing, start again with STEP 1.
  • Support both ends of the long workpieces.
  • For best results, engage the cutterhead lock before planing. Plane with the grain only. Keep the planer table clean. Occasionally, wax the table surface to reduce friction during the planing operation.
  • Cross-cut your lumber to the final length after planing
  • CAUYION The knives on the planer will not wear evenly if the wood is fed through the same spot on the table

every time. Feed the wood through the planer at different spots on the table when possible to help eliminate uneven wear of the knives.

Maintenance Info



Install swivel casters, make dust collection connection,