Elections 2012

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Status: Ballot is CLOSED for new candidates

Voting for candidates is open to all members, core and non-core, in good standing on Sept 4th, 2012.


  • Aug 28th, 2012 11:59pm EST - Call for Candidates closes
  • Sept 4th, 2012 - Elections to be held during the general membership meeting.


Board of Directors

7 positions open. The top 7 vote getters are awarded the positions.

1. Matt Arnold

2. Nathaniel Bezanson

3. Karen Corbeill

4. Paul Kerchen

5. Nathan Warnick

6. Maddy Winans(aka Brodi3)

7. Roger Slykhouse


The top 1 vote getter for each position is the winner.


1. Karen Corbeill

2. Matt Oehrlein

Chief Executive Officer

1. Dustin White


1. Ted Hansen


1. Nathaniel Bezanson

2. Maddy Winans(aka Brodi3)


1. Adrienne Patterson