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The gray and gray/yellow drawers on the back wall are the electronics "store". These components are for anyone who has a use for them. Place payment in the drawer labeled "Gives us the money Lebowski" near the middle. The image on the right is an approximate map to the component locations as of late August 2012. Ping Nate B for an update if one appears to be needed.

Some drawers are now labeled with prices, usually a cost "C" which is what it costs us to restock, and a second value for comparison, like "RS" for Radio Shack's price on an equivalent item. These are just FYI, and all we ask is that you cover the cost. Any markup beyond that is up to you, but a buck here and there helps the selection continue to grow!

If there's no cost label and you don't know what a component goes for, find it on http://mouser.com/ and add 10% to cover shipping. If you need change, you can make it with funds from the soda payment cup in the fridge. However, these funds go to different places, so don't just drop money in the wrong cup.

If you wish to donate components to the store, feel free to do so. If it is clear where they belong, just drop them in, adding labels as necessary. Avoid leaving anything in an unlabeled drawer or bin. If you don't know where something belongs, ask Nate B, or leave a note indicating your intent and he will find or make a place so the parts can remain organized.


As with all of i3, leave nothing on the workbenches. Your project can be stored in a labeled box in the electronics room if you are actively working on it and it is small. Otherwise, take it home or use a larger member storage area in the shop area.

If you were trimming or stripping wires, consider sweeping before you leave.


Parts on this list will be ordered ASAP.

Who wants it? What is it? Quantity desired Qty Ordered Mouser part # Digi-key part # notes
nate b / trevor c wide-ass Kapton tape 1 0 http://store.makerbot.com/kapton-120-mm-tape.html


There's a trove of 7400-series datasheets here: http://www.skot9000.com/logic-datasheets/

Nate B's personal bookmarks on the subject are here: http://delicious.com/myself248/electronics

Please feel free to edit this section and add more links!