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Upcoming Events


We hope to become a community resource by hosting various classes including but not limited to electronics, programming, crafts, photography, cooking and all other skills that members or others are willing to share. We want to create an environment that promotes learning in a fun non-traditional format.

See the current offerings and sign up on our EventBrite page!

Also see the class list on the wiki, which includes information on some past classes / instructors and how to create your own class.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather sessions are informal meetups around a specific topic. See the class list or our EventBrite page for a list of BoF sessions.

Our first BoF session was on microcontrollers (Arduino, AVR).


We also organize and attend events in and around metro Detroit (and Ann Arbor). In the future we'd like to host events with other spaces and groups (Giant Bristlebot Race?).

Be sure to subscribe to our blog and twitter feeds to stay up to date on our events!

Past events include: