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Task Name Description Priority Champion
Manufacture Focus Gauge for FS Laser A sturdy, solid, non-deformable block 1.359" (critical dimension) tall and nominally 0.75" diameter (or square). Chamfered or filetted corners for comfort. 1
Get Protomat Working The VM for the Protomat has not yet been completed and verified to function as a controller. 2
Get Third Shelf Installed Five suitable brackets for the shelf stanchions need to be obtained, installed, and the shelf put upon them. The third shelf should be somewhat closer to the upper shelf than the lower. 2
Patch Ceiling The removal of the old PVC ventilation ducting left a hole in the ceiling of the lab, with a PVC ring still in place. Removal of the ring is desired. There is an 8" square patch and patch compound available in the cabinet under the Protomat. The patch should also cover the two smaller holes further over the shelf. 3
Mount Flash Card Reader The flash card reader currently sits on top of the old Fab Lab PC. A better place would be mounted underneath the shelf near the monitor, with the most useful slots facing outwards. 4
Printrbot The Printrbot sits, alone and unloved, jealous of its successor the Rostock MAX. Bring a little love and joy into its world by repairing it, replacing the firmware with Repetier, getting a VM set up for it, and generally making it a more useful machine again. 4 Matt H
Replace USB Hub The current USB hub used by the Fab Lab server sucks. Suggested replacement would be one or two USB2.0 self-powered hubs. If two, one would be mounted on the underside of the bottom shelf near the monitor for flash drives and such, and the other tucked away hidden for machine interfaces. 4
Relocate Pegboard The pegboard hanging on the wall behind the office-side door is a much-appreciated secret donation. However, being behind the door is a less-than-useful location. A good target for this would be on the opposite wall, under the shelf and between the Protomat and the Rostock MAX. 4
Rehang Corkboard The corkboard on the wall hangs from a board, rather than being flush to the wall. This causes the board to swing when bumped. 5
Decorative Work The Fab Lab currently has a sort of forest theme going on. It would be nice to continue the theme by painting the conduits and stanchions deep brown to simulate vines and trunks, put up more vinyl leaves, and paint the ceiling with either a sky pattern or a forest canopy pattern. 5