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Liability Waiver (PDF) / Liability Waiver (MS Word)- All individuals entering i3 Detroit must fill out this out. Blank copies should always be available by the front door, please print more if the supply is getting low.

Guest Sign-in Logbook Pages (PDF) and MS Excel - The one that accompanies the waivers, where the guest and their member sponsor sign in. There should be a clipboard of these by the door at all times. I couldn't find the old one so I made a new doc, june 2011.

Equipment Entry Form / Ownership Affidavit (PDF) - Use this when you want to bring in a piece of equipment to store and use at i3 Detroit indefinitely. Submit it to the Board of Directors ( for approval. See Shared Property in the standing rules for more information.

Parking Permit (PDF) - Use this when bringing or building a large project at i3 Detroit that will leave after a set date. Submit it to the Board of Directors ( See Oversize Property and Parking Permits in the standing rules for more information.

Parking Ticket (PDF) - Use this when you find projects that haven't been stored safely or other property that is suspected to be abandoned. Email the list about the mess, print this, and attach it to the offending item. See Parking Tickets in the standing rules for more information.

New member sign-up sheet, with keyholder responsibilities worksheet on page 2, intended for duplex printing. PDF and MS Word, version 2.5 updated April 22, 2012.

New member "Welcome" page, with contact info and general getting-started-ness: DocX for MS word and PDF, version 1.0, updated June 27, 2012.

Zone Warden (PDF) / Zone Warden (MS Word) - States the Zone Warden and contact information for each area of the space.

Payment Form (PDF) This prints on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and can be cut into 8 sheets. This is used to pay membership dues and other payments so that the amount can be correctly applied to correct member account and appropriate month & year.