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40W Laser CUtter

Basic Info

  • Ownership: i3 (100%)
  • Location: North Wall of the Fab Lab
  • What it looks like:
Full Spectrum Laser

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Full Spectrum Laser HL40-5g Hobby Advanced Laser
  • Part Number: N/A


Owner's Manual black binder on shelf above laser cutter


  • Please get training before use.
  • Please donate $0.25/min of cut time


Owner's Manual black binder on shelf above laser cutter

Authorized Users and Trainers

Certified Trainers

Trainer NameCertified Date
Andrew Meyer27 December 2014
Justin Triplett27 December 2014
Matt Gardeski27 December 2014
Matt Huber27 December 2014

Authorized Users

User NameTrained ByTrained Date
Aaron PrunkardMatt Gardeski20 January 2015
Al SchwartzAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
Alek MabryAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
Andrew MeyerAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Ashley PrescottAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
Chris ProutAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
Clayton McCordAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Greg SmithAndrew Meyer10 January 2015
Hans ChenAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
John SuggAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Justin TriplettAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Kevin FloryAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Leonard Kinnaird-HeetherAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Lewis DennisonMatt Gardeski31 January 2015
Marie-Therese EngaAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Mark LeniganAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
Matt GardeskiAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Matt HuberAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
Matthew MabryAndrew Meyer20 January 2015
Mike FinkAndrew Meyer27 December 2014
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View Full Spectrum Laser Engraver Access here

Edit Full Spectrum Laser Engraver Access Here

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