GGHC2011 2011-03-21

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Began at 7:30 PM

Members in attendance:

  • Mario Corsetti
  • Nate Warnick
  • Ryan Busch
  • Ed Platt
  • Rocco
  • Ross Smith
  • Aaron Dubin
  • Laurie Dubin
  • Matt Switlik

  • Ed reviews the PDF we received describing the contest, its purpose, the goals

Judging Criteria

  1. How reproducible is the project?
  2. How easily can the project parts be sourced anywhere in the world?
  3. How low-cost is the project?
  4. How well-documented is the project?
  5. How relevant is the project to helping education today?
  6. How inventive and creative is the design and build of the project?


  • Translate the project documentation into several languages to extend the global scope
  • Consider hackerspaces and contacts worldwide to provide information to us about project "buildability" and usefulness
  • Holy grail: an electronics project that a classroom can build and then use.  Kids learn to build hands-on and then get to use the project as part of a lesson plan
  • Mario: To keep the scale down (5 microcontrollers and power sources instead of 30), let's think of classroom set-ups like "buzzer games" where 5 students participate in a rotating game that everyone else gets to watch
  • Ross: Project may be a long-running project that builds up, allowing kids to experiment by writing components and software for it, and which submits its results to a global site or interchange for others engaged in the same platform
  • Ed: We're building a prototype; don't have to figure out a business production process, just build a working demo of the concept
  • Project does not need to necessarily be a learning project for students to build; it could solve a systemic problem in the classroom, or outside of the classroom
  • Aaron: A project that downloads a lot of content to a portable laptop or system for distributing content to internet-less areas
  • Rocco: A portable projector with a flat lens for enlarging projections
  • Let's do some video posts with our blogs


  • What do they consider a mobile/portable power source?
  • How will reimbursement work?
  • How much video footage are you looking for?  Do you want mini updates or are you hopingn we collect bojllions of minutes?