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The Genie is a mobile device that allows one to work above ground level.


The Genie belongs to user:Nbezanson.


The manuals are here:

It's a GR-12, serial number GR01-122, manufacturing date 10-27-00, model year 2001, PIN GR 120A10100C


Follow three simple rules:

  1. RTFM and inspect machine before use. Wear a hardhat.
  2. When you're done, turn it off and plug it in. This is super important, as the batteries will damage themselves if not maintained. It's like $800 to replace them.
  3. Call me if you have any questions. (248)379-3614

If in doubt, or for a lesson, contact user:Nbezanson.

What It Looks Like

As an example: 100px

Operation Instructions

Include basic operations for the machine. It's unlikely that you can include all the different ways to use it (and not to use it), so maybe just include info about basic features and switches with pics.