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Great Global Hackerspace Challenge Proposal
i3 Detroit

As an active educational force in our community, with a diverse, experienced, and passionate membership, i3 Detroit is exactly the kind of hackerspace this challenge was made for!

i3 Detroit draws our members from all over the Detroit area, a region where particularly hard economic times have endangered quality education, so the theme of this challenge is near and dear to our hearts. Our local students and teachers have faced many challenges, and as contestants, we would gather their input and focus on the real issues they face.

As a Michigan nonprofit corporation organized for educational and research purposes, this challenge is squarely in line with our past, current and future activities. We strive to serve our entire community by making our membership open and affordable, as well as by organizing activities for all ages. As a result, our project and the tools we would receive as contestants would benefit a wide group of people, including many students.

Just as importantly, we have the means to pull off, and document, an awesome project. We have over 50 active members with a wide base of experience, including electronics experts, teachers, and multimedia producers. We also have a dedicated electronics lab, and fabrication equipment including a mill, lathe, makerbot and laser cutter.

Our track record shows our ability to deliver both education and cool projects. We’ve mentored FIRST robotics teams for the past two years, held workshops for girl scouts, and taught kids how to make their own silly bands. Our member projects took home 8 editor’s choice ribbons and the 1st Place Power Wheels trophy at Maker Faire Detroit 2010. Some of our most memorable projects, like the life-sized bristle bot and giant Red Green statue, demonstrate our ability to work collaboratively, an essential skill for this challenge.

We’re i3 Detroit. We have what it takes to make a difference, and we’re geeked to do it!