Grizzly 16in Band Saw

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Grizzly 16in Band Saw
[[Image:band saw photo|175px| ]]
Name Grizzly 16in Band Saw
Owner Nick Britsky
Make Model Grizzly Model G1538 16" Band Saw
Part Number S/N unknown
Date Acquired
Storage Location This band saw is located at the south end of the Wood Shop.
Authorization Required
Other References * Band saw consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


For sawing wood and some plastics


  • Use with wood only, or the more sawable platics. No metal cutting, please!


Turn it On

The power switch is located on the left side of the frame.

Turn it Off

The power switch is located on the left side of the frame.

Maintenance Info


  1. TBD


  • Novice (group or individual training)
    • Wood shop tour
    • Safety glasses, dangling hair, hoodie strings, etc.
    • Using the band saw light
    • Power switch/EPO location and operation
    • Workpiece materials compatible with this machine
    • Raising/lowering the upper blade guides
    • Holding the workpiece safely
    • Using a push stick
    • How hard to push the workpiece
    • Sawing along a pencil line
    • Sawing curves
    • Cleanup with shop vac or brush
  • User( small group or individual training)
    • Review all points above
    • Using the miter gauge
    • Using the fence
    • Dust control system
    • How to tell when the blade needs to be replaced
    • Consumables costs
    • Using fixtures for controlled cutting
  • Expert (individual hands on training)
    • Review all points above
    • Adjusting the table tilt angle
    • Selecting a blade
    • Replacing the blade (tension and tracking adjustments)
    • Adjusting Upper and Lower blade guides
    • Setting upper and lower blade guide clearances
    • Resawing
    • Making fixtures for locating/aligning the workpiece
  • Trainer
    • Expert level with sufficient experience


  • New tires on upper and lower wheels