HOWTO Add a Topic to Meeting Minutes on the Wiki

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Use this topic template as a quick tutorial on the Wiki to add your own topics. You can copy and paste the template below. Then go to the minutes page for the next meeting and make your additions to the minutes there by using the "edit" tab for the minutes page. Please keep the topics concise, to 1 or 2 sentences, just enough to describe the topic.

===This is My Topic Title===
Point of Contact: [[User:kmbrown314|Konrad Brown]]
* To streamline the meetings, I would like to request members to post topics directly to the [[:Category:Meeting Minutes|minutes]] page.

Pro Tips

  • Subsection titles are surrounded by the double equals "=="
  • Deeper subsections can be created by increasing the number of equals signs on either side of the section title, for example ===Sub-subsection===.
  • You can create a link to your user page, and attach your name to your topic with a wiki link like this one: Konrad B.. This will also give us a point of contact for the topic
  • Use asterisks "*" at the beginning of a line to make a bullet point, and pound symbols "#" make a numbered sequence
    • Don't put any white space at the beginning of a line or it will not be recognized as wikitext
  • Use the "Show Preview" button at the bottom of the page to debug any formatting errors, scroll down to the edit text box at the bottom of the page to make further changes
  • Make sure to press "Save Page" at the bottom when you are done.

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