HOWTO Be President

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As president you should have access to several forms of communication used by i3Detroit.

  • Join the board list i3detroit-board googlegroups com
  • Join the contact i3detroit com list
  • Have president i3detroit org/com forwarded to your email
  • Get a Wordpress account to edit the web page
  • Get write and/or admin access to the following online tools
    • i3Detroit CRM
    • i3Detroit Wiki
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Eventbrite

As opportunities arise or contact becomes important, introduce yourself to key people within and without i3Detroit

  • Other officers, and board directors
  • Landlord
  • Leadership at other hackerspaces
  • Maker Faire officials
  • Red Bull Creation

Day-to-Day Responsibilities

  • Serve as main public contact for i3Detroit
  • Facilitate collaboration between i3Detroit and other organizations
  • Cultivate existing and new relationships with other organizations
  • Answer emails coming in through the contact [at] i3detroit {dot} com email address
  • Pursue sponsorship and donations on behalf of i3detroit
  • Represent i3Detroit at other organization's public events and promote its cause
  • Promote i3Detroit and i3Detroit sponsored events to the Media