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The Secretary has a bunch of duties! This page should eventually contain info about how to properly perform most or all of them.

Calling a Vote

  • Making sure the item is actually something that can be voted on.
  • Determining who can vote on it.
  • Finalizing the language to be voted on.
  • Opening voting.
  • Closing voting and announcing results.

Taking Minutes

  • Making a note of the time the meeting starts is important to looking all official-like.
  • Record all people in attendance at the meeting; this is important!
  • After the meeting ends, post them to this wiki. Dont forget to add [[Category:Meeting_Minutes|minutes]]
  • To post new minutes; you go to the name of a prior meeting minutes page, change the name of the link in your browser's location bar to reflect the date of the meeting, and hit enter! Make sure you are posting to the appropriate minutes page; Board vs. Regular Meeting.

Filing Paperwork

  • To maintain our non-profit status we need to file an annual report here;,4601,7-154-35299_61343_35413_40269-136482--,00.html

typically this report is filed after elections take place in Septemeber. It needs to be filed on or before October 1. The fee is $20.

  • We are a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation registered with the state of Michigan

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