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The Secretary has a bunch of duties! This page should eventually contain info about how to properly perform most or all of them.

Preliminary Background Information

  • Review Robert's Rules of Order which is the basis for i3 Detroit's meeting's operating meetings
  • Familiarize yourself with i3 Detroit's Bylaws and Standing Rules
    • Know how to find them on the wiki
    • Refer to them when appropriate to answer questions at meetings - it's a good idea to delegate this while you are taking minutes!
  • Learn how to edit the wiki

Necessary Access to Official Records and Systems

These are i3 Detroit's official records systems that the secretary is responsible for

The Official Email:

  • Use this email for official communications to the announce list, individuals, and external organizations
  • Make sure this is added to the so that you can make announcements

Bylaws and Standing Rules

  • Get your wiki access permissions to include Bureaucrats and Administrators so that you have edit permissions
  • Make sure other people who don't need access to these don't have that access

CRM aka Customer Relationship Manager

  • Get your CRM role set to "director"
  • Check your role settings by going to your page on the CRM, then clicking on the roles link

Other Important Documents

  • Hold a copy of the current lease to 1481 A Wordsworth St
  • Hold a copy of the insurance policy

Calling a Member Vote

  • Making sure the item is actually something that can be voted on
  • Determining who can vote on it.
  • Finalizing the language to be voted on.
  • Opening voting.
  • Closing voting and announcing results.

Regular Meetings

Call for Topics

Before every regular meeting a call for topics is sent out by the secretary to to help create the agenda. Since regular meetings are on Tuesdays, it is best to send out the call for topics on the preceding Sunday.

  1. Create a new wiki page for the minutes
  2. Copy the appropriate template into the new minutes page as a starting point
  3. Copy the action items from the last meeting's minutes to the review for the new meeting's Action Item Review
  4. Save the new minutes page
  5. Send an email to
    • Announce the meeting time and whether the meeting is a member or board meeting
    • Request users add meeting topics and include the URL to the new minutes wiki page
    • It's also helpful to include a URL to HOWTO

Taking Minutes

  • Making a note of the time the meeting starts is important to looking all official-like.
  • Record all people in attendance at the meeting; this is a legal requirement!
  • After the meeting ends, post them to this wiki. Dont forget to add [[Category:Meeting_Minutes]]

Action Items

Action items are a record of specific tasks and who is responsible for them. They require a specific name (i.e. cannot be "everyone") and a specific task. Action items are reviewed at the beginning of the next meeting to check on progress toward completing the action. If an action item is not completed at the time of review, it is copied to the current action item list so that it will be reviewed at the following meeting unless the action item is determined to be no longer necessary.

Filing Paperwork

  • To maintain our non-profit status we need to file an annual report here;,4601,7-154-35299_61343_35413_40269-136482--,00.html

typically this report is filed after elections take place in Septemeber. It needs to be filed on or before October 1. The fee is $20.

  • We are a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation registered with the state of Michigan

Helpful books