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Monthly Duties

Before First Tuesday

  • Send out a dues reminder email.

First Tuesday

  • Collect checks that have been mailed by members banks.
  • Collect dues at the member meeting, and collect everything from the dues drop box.

Between First and Second Tuesday

  • Enter all dues payments (Amazon, cash, checks) into the dues spreadsheet and GNUCash.
  • Deposit cash and checks at the bank.
  • Send email reminders to anyone who has not paid dues for the current month.
  • Reconcile previous month's bank statement in GNUCash.

Second Tuesday

  • Generate Cash Flow and Balance Sheet reports (according to the procedures detailed in Cash Flow Report Settings and Balance Sheet Report Settings), post them to the Reports page of the wiki and present the current financial numbers to the membership.
  • Deactivate cards of members who are more than a month behind, and who have not arranged a payment plan. This can be off-loaded to anyone who's willing and able to do it.

28th of each month

  • Contact anyone who paid through Amazon in the middle of the previous month. Remind them that if they have a subscription, they should cancel it and restart it so that the payment comes out on or before the first.

How to enter dues payments

  1. Make a timestamped copy of the dues spreadsheet (no longer necessary due to Google Docs spreadsheets?)
  2. Open the cash account in GNUCash
  3. Enter each cash payment in the dues spreadsheet, then into the cash account as Income:Member Dues:<Last, First>, then write a cash receipt and put it in the "dues receipts" envelope. Put the money in the "to deposit" envelope.
  4. Open the Undeposited Checks account in GNUCash.
  5. Enter each check payment in the dues spreadsheet, then into the undeposited checks account (include the check number). Stamp "for deposit only" on the endorsement line of the check, and put it in the "to deposit" envelope.
  6. Open the Amazon Payments GNUCash account, and log into Amazon Payments.
  7. For each new payment, put two entries into GNUCash. One from Income:Member Dues:<Last, First>, and one from Expenses:Bank Fees:Amazon Payments.
  8. Verify that the amazon payments balance in GNUCash matches the amount in Amazon Payments.
  9. On a 10-key adding machine, subtotal the cash in the "to deposit" envelope, then subtotal the checks in the "to deposit" envelope, then calculate the combined total. Verify that the subtotals match the Cash and Undeposited Checks accounts in GNUCash. After depositing the cash and checks, staple the printout from the adding machine to the deposit receipt and put them in the records folder.
  10. Transfer all entered Amazon Payments funds into the bank account.

Regular, recurring expenses and how they are paid

There are several expenses that are incurred on a regular and recurring basis. The following table describes each one, including a description of how the expense is paid. "Check" means that a physical check is written and delivered to the creditor. Note that some bills are actual paper bills that get delivered to the space--check the mailbox regularly for these and other important things!

Payee (reason) Frequency Amount Mode of Payment
John Hutt (rent) Monthly (confidential) Check, payable to John Hutt, hand-delivered to mailbox of John's landscaping business (next door to i3); John does not send any reminders and there is a significant penalty for late payment!
WOW Internet (internet) Monthly $74.50 Check; paper bill is mailed to 1481 Wordsworth
Car Trucking (dumpster) Quarterly $60.00 Check; paper bill is mailed to 1481 Wordsworth
Consumers Energy (gas) Monthly Varies Paid via Consumers' website (not automatic!); bill is sent electronically to treasurer@i3detroit.com.
DTE Energy (electricity) Monthly Varies Check; paper bill is mailed to 1481 Wordsworth
Wesfield Group (insurance) Monthly $81.91 Automatic debit from checking
John Hutt (water) Quarterly $100-200 Check, payable to John Hutt, hand-delivered to mailbox of John's landscaping business (next door to i3); John Hutt delivers copy of bill to 1481 Wordsworth mailbox