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(Minimal Close-up procedure checklist.)
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# All lights off
# All lights off
# Pull the door shut behind you
# Pull the door shut behind you

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So, it's been a long day of hacking and you're the last one in the space. It's finally time to go home. But wait! Aren't you forgetting something?

Machine shop

  1. Air compressor off
  2. Lights off

Shop area

  1. Windows closed
  2. Lights off
  3. Stereo off (in the rack)


  1. Coffee pot off.

Electronics room

  1. Soldering stations off

Office area

  1. All windows closed
  2. Front (glass) door closed & locked
  3. Thermostat set to 50 (winter) or off (summer)

Shop exit

  1. Roll-up door closed & locked
  2. Twitterbot switch off
  3. All lights off
  4. Pull the door shut behind you